Hg – EP

(Proximal Records)

Release date: Oct 1, 2013

mHz aka Mo H. Zareei is an electronic musician and a music techno logy researcher. Born and raised in Iran, Zareei moved to California in 2010 to study at California Institute of the Arts, where he started to explore the world of electronic music, making sound from scratch with codes, algorithms, and circuits. Using custom-built software and hardware, his music covers a wide range, from dark ambient drones to dance electronica, though his compositions are particularly targeted at the point where noise meets groove. Revealing his sources of inspiration, Japanese noise and German minimal techno, mHz's machinic beats strive to turn the harsh, unwanted, and unnoticeable into the pleasing, enjoyable, and even accessible through the power of repetition. Whether working with field recordings of everyday life noises or digitally synthesized waveforms, mHz's music is often beat-oriented and his live sets are loud and danceable. Zareei is currently living in New Zealand, where he is pursuing his PhD research on noise music and mechatronics.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Mercury Fountain
  2. 2. Prima Materia
  3. 3. Black & White and Gray