Hello Darkness – EP


Release date: Mar 19, 2012

With his sophomore album Ghost People appearing on 2011's end of the year charts for the likes of Mixmag (# 6), Clash Magazine (#9), DJ Magazine (#9) and Data Transmission ('Album of the Year'), Martyn returns to Brainfeeder to release a follow-up single this March.

The single leads with 'Hello Darkness,' previously unreleased and exclusive to the single, Martyn shuffles through a rhythmic bassline and feeling of, indeed, darkness from the very first beat. In typical Martyn fashion, the track skips its way through genre conventions, landing in a flux between 2-step, driving techno and old rave (the latter specifically heard in his ethereal and scaling upper melodies). 'Hello Darkness' could lend itself to the rawest, grittiest warehouse, yet simultaneously breeds a subtle feeling of elation and release, and keeps the listener guessing with a variety of quirky sound collages.

It also features a remix of 'Bauplan,' Night Slugs bosses L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok bring the most sinister corners of London into their remix, with a heavy grime lean and a pervading feeling of tension. Erratic samples (sounds of a tweeting bird one moment, the cocking of a gun the next) appear in-between a snap beat, metallic stabs and an apocalyptic build-up of percussion and aalbsynths. Pulsing in and out of a highly volatile atmosphere, almost as if the track is alive and breathing, this 'Bauplan' almost feels like an unrelated beast until Martyn's melody lines start to unfold halfway through the track.

To finish there is an exclusive remix of 'We Are You In The Future,' a favourite from the Ghost People LP amongst critics and DJs across the board. Techno's notorious man in the red mask - Redshape - steps up to create a deep and dark Detroit interpretation of Martyn's freewheeling, sci-fi-enhanced joyride. Laced with ominous vocal samples ("It may be an accidental side effect of the drug"), the future takes on a slightly more dystopian feel with Redshape's melancholic strings, unpredictable percussion builds and a lingering, creeping reinterpretation of the track's original melodies. A definitive nod to the epic work of Derrick May and Carl Craig, with a hint of Kenny Larkin's intricate builds.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Hello Darkness
  2. 2. Bauplan
  3. 3. We Are You in the Future
  4. 4. Hello Darkness