Great Dane

Great Dane

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Mar 10, 2015

Humming with bass, smeared with synths and shaken until foamy, Great Dane is the artist's most considerable release to date. His third album with Alpha Pup unleashes Great Dane's finest work, twenty compelling tracks that are light and agile - yet impossibly heavy at the same time. The result is a bass-directed album that is riddled with perfectly placed sounds, a mischievous collection of expansive synthetics and psychotropic percussion.The album drips with pure West Coast vibes, from the laid-back roll of "Devil Dance" to the hot breath of "Bat Whore." "DVN3" floats as it expands, encompassing a stuttered space between beauty and bounce, with the slightest tinge of trap. Killer geishas move in slow motion through "Cosmotronique," and "Fairhaven" is a day at the park, a sharp pastel suit, a carbonated easy ride. Great Dane features productions that are pristine and thoughtful, but still sticky with filth as the floor of the club. Beloved by fellow DJs, this up-and-coming LA beat artist provides a thick dose of luscious bass, sonic syrup to be eaten with a spoon.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Grrrreat
  2. 2. DVN3
  3. 3. My God
  4. 4. Cosmotronique
  5. 5. Devil Dance
  6. 6. My People Outside
  7. 7. Fairhaven
  8. 8. Conception
  9. 9. Wes
  10. 10. June 2nd
  11. 11. Interlude
  12. 12. Pixxelporn
  13. 13. West Coast Stand Up
  14. 14. Feelin Good on a Wednesday
  15. 15. Perfect Dad Day
  16. 16. Bat Whore
  17. 17. Sensitive Dirt
  18. 18. 307
  19. 19. Flight to Cali
  20. 20. Until We Meet Again

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