Asad Ill

God’s Gift

(The Order Label)

Release date: May 26, 2017

God's Gift is the debut collaborative album with The Order Label by Los Angeles' Asad ILL and Burnin Giraph. Features include Osbe Chill, Dende X, and Tru, plotting out a road map to some of LA's emerging voices in hip hop. God's Gift pulls from many worlds, diving into the deepest regions of the human psyche, consciousness expansion, and the raw grit of Los Angeles.

The production on God's Gift was created entirely by Alex Wiley collaborator Burnin Giraph, with tracking, mixing, and mastering occurring at the Cosmic Zoo by DJ Nobody and Daddy Kev. There's an ominous and stark mood that permeates the energy of God's Gift, canvassed with the sonic additives of trap beats repurposed through a psychedelic lens of trumpets, guitars, keys, vocals, and experimental overtones. Internal and external examinations to intuitive passages of wordplay, Asad ILL turns the wheel to every degree, diagnosing and displaying the world around him.

The Game's protégé Osbe Chill features on "Silk Road / Let It Go," and the two trade verses on desired roads of life and their view on society as it alters by the year. Every track takes on its own life, connected through the symmetry of Burnin Giraph’s productions and the expansion of consciousness through Asad ILL’s lyricism. To initiate the launch of God's Gift, Asad ILL and Burnin Giraph are releasing the Nelson Flores directed music video for the title-track. The video captures the raw yet cerebral feel of the whole album, traveling through an abandoned scene as smoke, tagging, trees and other disparate elements are positioned around Asad ILL. As a native of New York and now a resident of California, Burnin Giraph infuses sonic elements with influences from both coasts. The identity of the beat is uniquely his and enhances the feel of the video, blending bass heavy trap into lush guitar loops and piano fills.

Asad ILL and Burnin Giraph are setting the stage for God's Gift, giving the world another lyrically propulsive album that defines the expansion of the mind along with the cultural state of Los Angeles.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Holy Moments
  3. 3. Frame Of Mind
  4. 4. Doubt
  5. 5. God's Gift
  6. 6. Silk Road / Let It Go
  7. 7. Trynna Get It
  8. 8. LDLH

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