Jenna Riot

Girl You Look Expensive

(Crunks Not Dead )

Release date: Oct 9, 2006

Jenna Riot's favorite things are: tough queer femmes, big hair, fishnets, stilettos, gaudy jewelry, and Crunks Not Dead Records. She is a busy bombshell! Take a vacation to the lipstick lakes and sip on a lip-gloss cocktail in your best bikini to Girl You Look Expensive. Her lyrics indulge in views of modern feminism, best friends forever, traditional vs. modern, femme paradises, butch/femme dynamics, raunchy & glam.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Any Other Way
  2. 2. Wake up Song
  3. 3. Double Feature
  4. 4. Salute Yr Nurse
  5. 5. Busted
  6. 6. Girl You Look Expensive
  7. 7. And What
  8. 8. I Say So
  9. 9. Lipstick Lakes
  10. 10. Surrender Your Love