Ooah & LoBounce

Get Primal – EP

(Glass Air)

Release date: Jul 24, 2012

Get Primal is the new project from The Glitch Mob's Ooah and Chicago native LoBounce, a high-energy EP made for massive effect with three throttling tracks of Moombahton and one dark electro banger.

"Peligrosa" begins the depravity, a sweaty tribal romp with precisely built drops, giant drums and wild monkeys in the music. Unrestrained and uninhibited, "Freaks" is a bouncing summertime jam scraped off the jungle floor in chunks.

"Line of Fire" drives through the space between beats with a rough slapping Euro-electro style, and lead single "Trash Talk" is an amped-up, shaken-down dance track fueled by raw sounds and wickedly wanton beats.

Fun and feral, Get Primal quickens the pulse with thickened basslines, dangerous build-ups and provocative drops that do not fail to deliver drama to the dance floor.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Peligrosa
  2. 2. Freaks
  3. 3. Line of Fire
  4. 4. Trash Talk