Mr. Carmack



Release date: Apr 15, 2014

"Released February 28th, 2011, [this is Mr. Carmack's] very first release. [The Frozen EP is a] mixture of future-bass leaning music and crackling sample work, it can be [difficult to interpret his message in his first work] for the average music fan, but there is definitely much to appreciate with the synth progressions. Not gonna lie, it reminds me occasionally of aquarium music. Then there are wobbles galore sneaking their way through the EP, as well as a drumstep record. Not entirely trap, but noteworthy for a general fan of the recent bass-music revival since 2009-2010. Favorite songs here are 'Smacked' and 'Oil!'." -Ghostmacekillah (Reddit)

Track Listing

  1. 1. Smacked (Original Mix)
  2. 2. Continue
  3. 3. Don't Fall Asleep! (Original Mix)
  4. 4. Interlude
  5. 5. King King (Original Mix)
  6. 6. Oil! (Drumstep Mix)
  7. 7. Frozen (Original Mix)