Release date: Mar 5, 2012

A second longplay by St.-Petersburg based electronic producer Milinal aka Valentin Yakovlev. A few years ago the vector of Milinal's work could be easily included in a list of pretty weird experimental post-rock-electronica pearls. Today this new album shows his progression as an artist - classic orchestral passages mixed with various electronic beats, certainly touched with those wonky-boogie hype, self-recorded lo-fi vocals and pianos. And of course all this fusions are covered (better to say born) with a firm spirit of Russian north. By the way, Valentin exactly knows what it is, being a North Sea sailor in the past.

The album and the entire Milinal's path he sailed through the years can be compared to the corner stones' of the modern post-IDM-pop image like Apparat or TTV, but all in all Forest is just something pretty special to listen to. A complete journey through Milinal's musical world, rich and highly saturated with different kinds of sonic matter. And well, it's pretty interesting to see how Russian electronic junkies really started to look from the inside, contributing something different to the scene uncovering their roots. Maybe they have something more to say than just a "boom bap." Forest is a kind of such saying for sure.

On the album you will also find a remix of the main theme by Monokle - one of FUSELab's key artists, who has recently brought to us a stunning Birds Swirl EP and keeps moving towards his own incarnations of groovy lyrical electronica.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Forest
  2. 2. Gratitude
  3. 3. Faults and All
  4. 4. Monmil Jet
  5. 5. First Date
  6. 6. Inner Vibrations
  7. 7. Sawdust
  8. 8. Animal Rescue Force
  9. 9. Brighten
  10. 10. Forest