Various Artists

Fly Russia

(Error Broadcast)

Release date: Sep 13, 2010

Error Broadcast teams up with Siberian blog Gimme5 to deliver this 17-track compilation Fly Russia that features all the names relevant to the Russian beat scene such as Pixelord, DZA, Lapti, Nocow, 813, Kntxt, Demokracy, OL and many others.

At all given diversity, common to all tracks on Fly Russia is an in-depth understanding of 30 years of experimental electronic music, the love for a Hip Hop and downbeat tempo plus something people might define as "Slav Soul." Beneath several layers of nasty beats and hissing synthesizers, melancholy lurks in nearly every song. The generation of young beatmakers we refer to as Fly Russia does aim for nodding heads and emotional impact all but the same.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Water Lily
  2. 2. J-dat Inc. (Listening MD in Dub)
  3. 3. Zondor Fo
  4. 4. Cheese Freak
  5. 5. Kombi
  6. 6. Dynamicize
  7. 7. Vote
  8. 8. Stereo Start
  9. 9. Synesthesia
  10. 10. Orange Flame
  11. 11. Batyscaphe Finds a Music Box
  12. 12. Shapeshifter
  13. 13. T-Probe
  14. 14. Let's Make Nice
  15. 15. Surrogat
  16. 16. Moai
  17. 17. Circadian Rhythms