Year Future

First World Fever

(Gold Standard Labs)

Release date: May 2, 2006

Year Future are a Los Angeles quartet with two prior GSL releases. First World Fever is their debut full-length. The band is comprised of GSL founder Sonny Kay (vocals; ex-Angel Hair, The VSS), guitarist Rockey Crane (ex-Dead and Gone), and the newly revamped rhythm section of Pete Lyman (bass) and Chris Hathwell (drums; also a member of Palm Pictures artists Moving Units). The 11-song album was recorded in Los Angeles in autumn 2005, shortly before the band embarked on their second European tour (supporting The Locust), which included a slot at the Mars Volta-curated All Tomorrow's Parties festival in the UK. Comparable to the likes of Black Flag, Yes, Bauhaus, Dead Kennedys and Blood Brothers, Year Future's sound has evolved considerably since the early releases and shows no signs of standing still.

Track Listing

  1. 1. The Hidden Hand
  2. 2. The Hidden Hand
  3. 3. Monday
  4. 4. Monday
  5. 5. Vehicular Baptism
  6. 6. Vehicular Baptism
  7. 7. Lord of the Rungs
  8. 8. Lord of the Rungs
  9. 9. Black Sun
  10. 10. Black Sun
  11. 11. Rather Be Cowboy
  12. 12. Rather Be Cowboy
  13. 13. Mostly Plastic
  14. 14. Mostly Plastic
  15. 15. Chained At the Ankles
  16. 16. Chained at the Ankles
  17. 17. Nature Unveiled
  18. 18. Nature Unveiled
  19. 19. I'm With Stupid
  20. 20. I'm with Stupid
  21. 21. Born into a Bruise
  22. 22. Born into a Bruise

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