Sabertooth Tiger

Extinction is Inevitable

(Gold Standard Labs)

Release date: Aug 8, 2006

L.A.-based progressive rock band, SaberTooth Tiger, have a sound that sets the standard for other alternative rock groups out there: With characteristics such as complex math meter, unique socio-political statements, and references to Noam Chomsky, you wont be looking elsewhere to have your mind engaged.

"And by the way, a fully-grown SaberTooth Tiger weighed approximately 200 kilograms (450 pounds) and had short powerful legs and a large head. About the size of a lion, the SaberTooth Tiger was extremely powerful. Its jaws could open 120 degrees. Its fangs were about 17 cm (7 inches) long. Many SaberTooth Tiger fossils have been unearthed at the La Brea Tar Pitsin Los Angeles, which is why it is the prehistoric cat that researchers know the most about."

Track Listing

  1. 1. Death Valley
  2. 2. Pyramid
  3. 3. Indiegestion
  4. 4. Love Money
  5. 5. Elephant Army
  6. 6. Black Magic Market
  7. 7. Argentina
  8. 8. Get a Gun
  9. 9. The Sixties
  10. 10. The Strange Store
  11. 11. Taking Pills