Exquisite Corpse

(Magical Properties)

Release date: Mar 15, 2005

Daedelus continues his kitchen-sink approach to hip-hop with Exquisite Corpse. The album is named after an old surrealist parlor game in which a piece of paper is folded in three, and different artists create an image on their section without knowing what the other artists have done. "Dearly Departed"'s delicacy gives way to angular abstraction towards the end, while "Just Briefly" takes an upbeat tempo that stutters and skitters out. Many of his samples seem to be drawn from 50s-era easy listening records, adding an air of nostalgia that he gleefully undermines. The happy background chorus of "Move On" crashes headfirst into Sci's vocals and kung-fu movie samples, and the lullaby of "Now & Sleep" is purposefully set against an atonal piano line. Even the swelling folksy acoustic guitar that fills "Thanatopsis" gets pushed up against an urgent beat. But the lovely "Welcome Home" brings back the emotive side of Daedelus' work (both in its instrumental form and in its vocal form with Mike Ladd), as do the swelling strings of "Fallen Love." This corpse still has plenty of life in it...

Track Listing

  1. 1. Dearly Departed
  2. 2. Impending DOOM
  3. 3. Just Briefly
  4. 4. Move On
  5. 5. Now & Sleep
  6. 6. The Crippled Hand
  7. 7. Welcome Home
  8. 8. Cadavre Exquis (avec TTC)
  9. 9. Drops
  10. 10. Fallen Love
  11. 11. Welcome Home
  12. 12. I Sent Off / II Sus Per Coll
  13. 13. The Trains Are Now so Clean
  14. 14. Thanatopsis