Evolve or Dissolve

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Jun 25, 2013

With a soft-stepping fluidity, pristine melodies and a dreamlike vibe, Dot's debut LP Evolve or Dissolve sashays into being. Shifting in the space between darkness and light, the release creates a sense of deep reflection with nebulous rhythms, ominous undercurrents and jewel-tone sounds with many sides.

Stretched over a rack of beats, "Bare Bones" is pulled taut into an uncanny discord, while "Elevenfold" tiptoes forward with a music box quality, expanding into a slinky groove that climbs upwards into the night sky. Expanding on the psychedelic carnival beats previously explored on her debut EP Calliope, "Bardo" turns tender piano tones into twisted fantasy, becoming the most expansive version of her signature sound yet.

"For Rama" unrolls like a child's dream with playful sounds before shifting to a more serious tone, as a somber bowed bass - provided by featured guest Mike Parvizi - slides alongside careful pinpoints of sparkling notes that glimmer like stars. "Red Ah" is a summer evening at the park, an ethereal image of kids rolling down hills of grass as the sunlight dims. Teri Gender Bender of Les Butcherettes/Bosnian Rainbows adds her ghostly vocals to "Bodies", a spine-tingling track that is sure to leave an impression on the subconscious.

Like a creature with an unearthly presence, Evolve or Dissolve lures you to dance, revealing a beautiful world of underwater dreams, unexpected colors and lush horizons of sound. Dot has created a universe for you to dive into with this stunning debut, resulting in a fully realized sound from one of Los Angeles' brightest additions to its ever-evolving beat music scene.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Evolve or Dissolve
  2. 2. Bare Bones
  3. 3. Elevenfold
  4. 4. Bardo
  5. 5. Bodies
  6. 6. Dream Signs
  7. 7. For Rama
  8. 8. Ritual
  9. 9. Red Ah
  10. 10. Becoming
  11. 11. Liminal
  12. 12. 4am
  13. 13. Waterwings
  14. 14. Variations