Zach Witness

Electric Revival: Rise of an Outkast Nation – EP

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Aug 25, 2017

The visionary talents of multi-instrumentalist Zach Witness have sprouted full life in this world, lending his sonic touch to the bulk of Erykah Badu's latest album, But You Caint Use My Phone (Motown Records). This project was brought to life with Erykah Badu at the Badudio and World Witness Studios in Zach Witness' hometown, Dallas, Texas. This project put him on a unique trajectory, harnessing his intricately designed fusion productions into the periphery of an entirely new audience around the world.

His debut EP, Electric Revival: Rise of an Outkast Nation, is the first project to find the light of day after this expansion phase, initially created as a birthday gift to Zach Witness' friend and collaborator, André 3000. The music of Electric Revival is wholly adventurous and harmonically stunning, beginning the journey with the ominous beauty of "Liberathem." A calling from the heavens, piano chords pace over a stunning field of atmosphere, archaic vocals, and an overall majestic feel that is otherworldly. "Jazzy Bells" takes the surrealism path in its introduction, burning into a beautiful rhythm once the drums, percussion, bass, synths, and vocals launch forward. A soothing stretch of music that defines the buoyancy and catchiness that rises out of the technical balancing of the music. Each song that ensues on Electric Revival encompasses an absorbed reflection of society and an abundance of light in sound. Every tone harnesses the pain of the world and the beautiful return of spirit that follows.

The catalyst behind the creation of Electric Revival has a very specific initiation point. During the recordings for But You Caint Use My Phone, Erykah Badu called on André 3000 for collaborative assistance. This would result in the album's last track, "Hello," created at the home studio Zach Witness has lived in his whole life. This moment in time compelled Zach Witness to create an offering for André 3000, and this was in the form of an entire body of music.

As Zach Witness explains further, "Originally, Electric Revival started out as a birthday gift to André 3000. I had worked with him while producing the song he and Erykah Badu duetted on, “Hello”. It was my way of saying thanks. André loved it so much that I decided it should be shared with the rest of the world. Yet as I was writing it, there were many terrible things happening that found their way into the music. It began to take on a life of its own, and soon enough, I realized it had become a testament to the oppression experienced not only in my own life but in all the lives I’ve ever encountered. The music of Outkast thus became a palette of colors as I painted the stories of marginalized people."

The experiences shared with Erykah Badu and André 3000 transformed his intentions and purpose as a creator, compelled to serve humanity with a creative statement that's as bold and generation defining as it comes. Electric Revival takes on the stories of the lives entangled around society's most crippling and hopeless of situations. The social and political intentions of the EP paints a very defined purpose in this context.

Witness adds further color on the doorways this EP opens in the social hemispheres of culture: "There was a Chilean dictator named Augusto Pinochet who in the 1970’s silenced, exiled, and/ or killed artists and activists that spoke out against him. Instead of simply using military force to gain control, he was very smart in that he directly targeted those who influenced culture, ceasing any unwanted change upon it. Yet this only made Chilean people stronger. In the same way grass grows back denser every time it’s set on fire, an outcasted people will become stronger with each struggle. Society is like a river. When you go with it’s current, your perspective is only that which is in front of you. But when you opt out and decide to sit upon its bank instead, you see the river in its entirety, thus having the ability to affect the way it flows and functions. Electric Revival is both a reminder and a motivator to those who sit upon societies river banks. It’s the marginalized who hold the key to real change."

Zach Witness' Electric Revival: Rise of an Outkast Nation is a revolution in sound, created from a unique talent emerging from Dallas, Texas. Experience the transformative sounds of Zach Witness and his debut manifesto.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Liberathem
  2. 2. Jazzy Bells
  3. 3. Keep Faith
  4. 4. Electric Revival
  5. 5. Inno Emarginato