(Machina Muerte)

Release date: Aug 17, 2010

Elecholo is the newest release by Mestizo on Machina Muerte Records. The record combines the lyrical ferocity characteristic of Mestizo with electronic-influenced hip-hop beats. As much a club record as a social commentary on the rise of the electronic-infused production that has taken root in mainstream hip-hop, Mestizo creates a record determined to burn up any speakers ready to dispense its twelve spit-fire tracks. Elecholo features track by producers Lazer Sword and Mike Gao.

Born to a Filipino father from California and a Sicilian mother from New York, this Bay Area native is the living definition of his name, Mestizo, the Tagalog and Spanish word for "mixed race." A one-of-a-kind, multifaceted emcee, Mestizo embodies the true sound of his California roots. From his savage battling and freestyling skills, to his expressive style in writing and recording, Mestizo has acquired the respect of his peers and elders alike through the dexterity of his skills. A seasoned road warrior, who has toured the US, Europe and Japan, many times over, Mestizo has pumped fire into the blood of those lucky to have witnessed.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Begintro
  2. 2. Lead the Way
  3. 3. Truth Be Told
  4. 4. Make Work
  5. 5. Hollywood Girl
  6. 6. No Going Back
  7. 7. Certified Hustlette
  8. 8. Wind up Clock
  9. 9. U 86'D
  10. 10. Hard to Maintain
  11. 11. My Existence
  12. 12. Info Warrior

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