Echo Go Away

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Mar 17, 2017

“With Echo Go Away, it was just pure personal reflection. Like going in front of a mirror and making as many of the strangest faces you can possibly make as close up to the glass as you can get. And staring into your own eyes. You learn a lot that way.” - Eli Goss. Echo Go Away is the new full-length album from Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist Eli Goss. Created as a reflection of disillusionment with the world, and coming to terms with that, Echo Go Away was brought to life after a shift in writing process occurred when Goss was living in New York. Echo Go Away is Eli Goss of The Breathing Effect and is a compelling deviation into the mind of a young visionary, pulling from the ethos of his band work, his absorption into the LA beat scene and the deep impressions of his upbringing.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Idiom 1 (Teach A Man To Fish)
  2. 2. The Power Of Deliberation
  3. 3. Silo
  4. 4. Lovedream
  5. 5. Somewhere Else
  6. 6. HRTBRK @ 160 DBSPL
  7. 7. Fruit
  8. 8. Thought Up
  9. 9. Idiom 2 (All The People All The Time)
  10. 10. Echo Overture
  11. 11. The Troubled Man
  12. 12. Harmonium2
  13. 13. Living Room