Co. fee

Easy Listening

(My Hollow Drum)

Release date: Apr 12, 2011

Los Angeles art and sound crew My Hollow Drum is proud to announce the first release from the newly minted My Hollow Drum label, Easy Listening from genre-bending producer Co. fee.

Six months in the making, Easy Listening is a staggering collection of heavy synths flawlessly layered over samples taken from Co. fee's deep crates of Afro-beat, Brazilian, Bollywood and Italian soundtracks. Impossible to pin down, Easy Listening swings from the powerful intro track "Destroy & Rebuild" and the demented carnival dubstep of "Kali" to the mesmerizing pull of "Asante" and the super-dented jam "Gypsy Skirt."

A release with vibrant personality and vivid image-evoking sounds, Easy Listening combines exotic flavors with homegrown bass for a formidable first dose of Co. fee.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Destroy & Rebuild
  2. 2. Spark Plug
  3. 3. Kali
  4. 4. Gypsy Skirt
  5. 5. Katana
  6. 6. Zombie Parade
  7. 7. Asante