Taylor McFerrin

Early Riser


Release date: Jun 3, 2014

"Taylor McFerrin is an American DJ, Producer, Keyboardist, Beatboxer, and Vocalist signed to Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label. Son of popular musician Bobby McFerrin, Taylor falls into a very unique and cutting edge genre of Hip Hop known as Future Soul characterized by electronic ambient textures, highly processed and often progressive drum samples/beats, 60's soul and jazz, and a structure heavily based on improvisation, all gelled together with a strong Hip-Hop feel.
Since the 2006 release of his debut EP, Broken Vibes, McFerrin has been gaining quite a following/buzz and has exceeded audience's expectations all over New York City and Internationally with his genre-defying solo-act, seamlessly building beats from scratch with a heavy reliance on part looping. McFerrin currently resides in Brooklyn, NY continuing to tour and work on his highly anticipated up and coming debut solo album Early Riser." Wikipedia

Track Listing

  1. 1. Postpartum
  2. 2. Degrees of Light
  3. 3. The Antidote
  4. 4. Florasia
  5. 5. 4 am
  6. 6. Stepps
  7. 7. Already There
  8. 8. Decisions
  9. 9. Blind Aesthetics
  10. 10. Place in My Heart
  11. 11. Invisible/Visible
  12. 12. PLS DNT LSTN