Various Artists

DVTV Compilation Vol 1

(Delicious Vinyl)

Release date: Aug 20, 2013

In May 2012, Delicious Vinyl began inviting artists to their Hollywood HQ on Sunset Boulevard to spin beats, talk music, and stream to the online world. With the aim to showcase and support new music, Delicious Vinyl TV (DVTV) was born. Since the first stream DVTV has continued to grow, having relocated from the record label’s rooftop to its current base of the new Delicious Vinyl Shop floor (6611 Sunset Boulevard). Linking up with the many tribes of the Los Angeles music scene, as well as welcoming artists visiting the city, DVTV has hosted an array of guests from the likes of Quelle Chris, The Zzyzzx, Dibia$e, Mr Len, Soulection, 6Bit, and Randy Watson of Funkmosphere, to name just a few.

To mark a flourishing first year and continue to celebrate the artists that DVTV has had the pleasure of spotlighting, Delicious Vinyl have expertly curated Delicious Vinyl TV Compilation Vol 1.

The twelve track compilation features a mix of unreleased exclusives and special rarities from a selection of the fine guests that have graced the DVTV airwaves. Boasting a variety of different styles and tempos, the tracks all share a distinctly intriguing and current tone. A vortex of wavering bass-lines and haunting synths, peppered with fresh rap flows and tight lyrics.

Fittingly, the compilation kicks off with a modern 90s throwback “St Croix” from DVTV’s first ever guest: Long Beach native Jay Curry. Quality, fluid beats are then provided in abundance. Co.Fee of My Hollow Drum collective takes things to a hypnotic and nostalgic realm for “Nino Brown,” Covina’s prolific beat-maker Jansport J sets a tender mood on “Hard To Remember,” and Chilean talent Dacel brings a raw, industrial feel for “Oslec.” Free The Robots gets freaky on playful “Mutation Complete,” Mexican Sound-boy-at-large and Freak City crew member Chico Sonido’s “Vinyl 95” mixes up Wu Tang riff simplicity with futuristic elements, and Philadelphia’s MNDSGN of the Klipm0de Crew gets soulful on the jittery “OkThenWrdUp.” Soulection’s Sango channels a frenetic urban sound for “You’re So, Some Extra Love,” and the “Sammy Davis Jr. of hip-hop” Quelle Chris creates a choppy and romantic ride for “As Long As.”

The predominantly instrumental collection is broken up by vocals on a sprinkling of tracks. Delicious Vinyl’s own signing The Zzyzzx, father and son duo Mellow Man Ace and Cazal Organism, provide feel-good Cali vibes on “Soul Loves The Sun,” New York import Fresh Daily of High Water Music drops some classic boast-raps on Muneshi-produced “Most Incredible,” and Montreal’s Shash’U explores a darker sound and understated rap delivery with “Unreleased.”

The end result is like a Deep Concentration for the current hip-hop and beat scenes. So take a listen to the Delicious Vinyl TV Compilation Vol 1 for a taste of some of the artists that have passed through DV this past year.

Track Listing

  1. 1. St. Croix
  2. 2. Soul Loves the Sun
  3. 3. Hard to Remember
  4. 4. Oslec
  5. 5. Mutation Complete
  6. 6. Unreleased
  7. 7. Most Incredible
  8. 8. Vinyl 95
  9. 9. OkThenWrdyUp
  10. 10. You're So, Some Extra Love
  11. 11. As Long As

Produced by Muneshine