Mike Boo

Dunhill Drone Committee

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Sep 6, 2005

Solo album from one of the unsung heroes of turntablism. Mike Boo cut with the best of them (Ricci, D, etc.) and on Dunhill Drone Committee he proves he can hold his own using subtle techniques that aren't all up in your face. In place of visible technique, he goes the ambient textures + neck snapping beats route. If you like the murky beats found on his break records, this is even deeper, way more elaborate, and darker. Part downtempo, part jazz, part sweet dream, part nightmare. Impressive.

Track Listing

  1. 1. For Your Box
  2. 2. Curdled
  3. 3. Laid in Soyetyland
  4. 4. Cantrec
  5. 5. Resolution
  6. 6. Wearing Signals Away
  7. 7. Here Are the Faxes You Requested
  8. 8. Oaksterdam Goo
  9. 9. Pathway
  10. 10. Vibrations Transcend Space and Time