Dog Day

(Error Broadcast)

Release date: Apr 12, 2010

Dog Day is the debut EP by German turntablist and award-winning producer B-Ju. After two singles for Equinox Records and Error Broadcast, the kid refines his style with these five originals. Between funky Boom-Bap, soulful sampling and groggy Rap grooves, B-Ju's Dog Day EP sounds equally classic and contemporary. Watch out for the strictly limited 7" vinyl single featuring treats by 1000 names (Black Acre) and Herrmutt Lobby (Eat Concrete). Digitally, Ghostly recording artist Mux Mool and our very own Benny B. Blonco put B-Ju through the hooks

Track Listing

  1. 1. Brand New Dust
  2. 2. Future Versus
  3. 3. High Heels
  4. 4. Dog Day
  5. 5. Metronoma
  6. 6. Dog Day
  7. 7. Philly Extra
  8. 8. Philly Run
  9. 9. Soja Extra

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