Do You Mind

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: May 13, 2014

L.A. producer Jincallo asks an existential Do You Mind, on his full length joyride through downtempo electronica. Structures of samples, field recordings, sparkling percussion, synthesizers, and guitar form the reflective kingdom of the artist. Recorded primarily at home while conceptualized around the soul-seeking mind within budding urban terrain, the personalized and emotional journey of Jincallo's third album speaks to the spirit of universal contemplation.

The key method of the young producer is pacing. Threading of short beat-pieces lead into each other with a flattering consistency that defines the work present. The infectious lead "Turn Of They Key" is a substantial dose of tropical psychedelia hitting with the minimal underlying bass & snare. Gathering momentum on "The V", vibrations shift towards dusty drums carrying us into classic hip-hop overtones that allow the listener to shift into the electro-acoustic nuances of "Interviewing Hoarders (feat. Ramlala)", where the producer applies organic percussion to cast an enchanted landscape. Described as "the calming of the storm in the mind", Jincallo's debut on Alpha Pup Records is a therapeutic one. 

Track Listing

  1. 1. Turn of the Key
  2. 2. Falling In
  3. 3. Reflex
  4. 4. Squares n' Circles
  5. 5. The V
  6. 6. Hindrance
  7. 7. I'll Never Learn
  8. 8. Tafari (Interlude)
  9. 9. Purge
  10. 10. Some Kind of Way
  11. 11. Interviewing Hoarders
  12. 12. Brewing
  13. 13. It's in the Past Now