(Machina Muerte)

Release date: Jul 17, 2012

De'Nir, the newest release from, Mestizo, is the artist's fifth studio release, solidifying his place as a heavyweight in the Los Angeles hip-hop music scene.

De'Nir represents Mestizo's multifaceted musical styling and personality, exploring genres ranging from new wave, psychedelic, funk, and of course hip hop. Guest producers such as Hit-Boy, Swiff D & Wildstyle of Crucial Conflict conduct this journey, while a multitude of talented emcees lend their vocal skills to this project, including Blu, Reid, and Machina Muerte's very own Isaiah Toothtaker.

With no song sounding like the last, De'Nir stays loyal to Mestizo's dicey and unpredictable persona. Songs like "Killin' Em All" and "Skinsuit Circus" are pretty much what you would expect from the founding member of a crew whose logo is a severed fist, while "Iceberg", a singsong ode to the art of pimping, has our emcee harmonizing to a space age beat.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Steel Money
  3. 3. In My Car
  4. 4. Green Green
  5. 5. Killin 'Em All
  6. 6. Shotgun Wedding
  7. 7. Iceberg
  8. 8. Information Overload
  9. 9. Skinsuit Circus
  10. 10. You Know What I Like
  11. 11. Totem Pole
  12. 12. Inside Out
  13. 13. Die Young
  14. 14. No More Swag
  15. 15. Killer in the Home

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