Denies the Day’s Demise

(Magical Properties)

Release date: May 1, 2006

Alpha Pup is proud to redistribute Daedelus' fifteen-track dance floor masterpiece, Denies The Day's Demise. Originally released in 2006 on Mush Records, Daedelus' magic music box has cranked out a project of techno-inspired programming infused with Brazilian Bossa Nova, complete with shakers, hand claps, congas, and other mysterious percussion. Yet at the focus of each mix remains the multilayered melding of disparate sounds from far-off times on which Daedelus has built his career. Whether you hear it through sweaty club speakers or headphones, it will be clear from the first note -- this kind of production work could only come from Daedelus.

Track Listing

  1. 1. At My Heels
  2. 2. Sundown
  3. 3. Bahia
  4. 4. Lights Out
  5. 5. Like Clockwork Springs
  6. 6. Nouveau Nova
  7. 7. Sawtooth EKG
  8. 8. Samba LeGrand
  9. 9. Dreamt of Drowning
  10. 10. Our Last Stand
  11. 11. Patent Pending
  12. 12. Never None the Wiser
  13. 13. Petite Samba
  14. 14. Sunrise
  15. 15. Viva Vida