Particle Kid


(Teaching Machine)

Release date: Sep 27, 2014

Demoitis: (noun) What happens when you listen to one version of something so much that when it’s properly recorded it’s difficult to accept. 

— “I’ve been listening to the demo version of that song for months — and now that I’ve heard the finalized recording … it just doesn’t sound right at all.” — “Sounds like you’ve got a case of demoitis.”  (Urban Dictionary)

Particle Kid returns with the new full-length "Demoitis,” encapsulating the brilliant blend of psychedelic lo-fi electronically-infused rock with his characteristic vocal tapestries and rhythmic buoyancy.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Hit
  2. 2. Fountain
  3. 3. Bjehinde
  4. 4. Dreamer
  5. 5. Love My Way
  6. 6. Happy
  7. 7. Way Down
  8. 8. Hit (Reprise)
  9. 9. This Must Be the Place

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