Pyramid Vritra


(NRK / The Order Label)

Release date: Apr 28, 2015

Pyramid Vritra presents the next generation of hip hop with Dānu (NRK / The Order Label). Former half of Odd Future duo The Jet Age of Tomorrow and a member of the up-and-coming NRK collective, the rapper and producer is an inventive storyteller whose sound ignites the brain. Like the artist’s namesake god, the album manifests itself into many incarnations. Lyrics are effortlessly fluid and tracks change directions quickly, flipping from one personality to another without pause.

Title track “Dānu” edges the album open, slowly warming from its leisurely beginning and sidling into a stone-skipping jam. “58 (Heavy)” evolves with exquisite musical form, riveted by an unexpected cadence that dips just low enough to scoop up the wayward contemplation.

Starting with a simple combination of clean rap and smooth beats, “Leather” plunges into polychromatic sound. Bursts of sunlight beam through as the track sways and mutates. “Parcel” is the work of a hypnotist – a beyond-heady brew filled with the thickest smoke; an exotic den of serpentine arms that beckons you come hither.

Sample-free and crafted with cohesive design, Dānu is an experiment created with the free-floating forms of the mind.

Track Listing

  1. 1. D_nu
  2. 2. Monogram
  3. 3. 58 (Heavy)
  4. 4. Do It
  5. 5. Leather
  6. 6. Herd
  7. 7. ICU
  8. 8. Parcel
  9. 9. I Dont Look in 2 tha Sky No Mo
  10. 10. V
  11. 11. Grey