Gypsy Mamba

Da Feenux

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Oct 23, 2015

Brightly energetic and incredibly diverse, Gypsy Mamba’s new album Da Feenux is a showcase of experimental euphoria. Co-founder of Rootnote and a resident at Resonate, the Inland Empire producer displays a profound skill set for fusing dynamic genres into a riveting, cohesive sound. Molten basslines are crafted to perfection, uptempo dance beats lurch with a hip hop soul, and the album is laced throughout with a potent mixture of G funk, juke, trap, tech house, UK garage, LA beat music and pure West Coast bass.

Intro track “Intergalactits” rises and expands, warm and easy-breathing amongst the stars. “Herro” shakes itself into being as bike wheels spin and beats bounce – before a monstrous bassline drops in for a full brain eclipse.

Serious and minimal at the start, “Deathly Swallow” has the dark vibe and echo-ridden atmosphere of an after-after-party. “Sugar Candida” lobs forward in an epic battle between light and power, and then crashes towards crazy near the end. Weird to the point of spastic, “Slim Pics” is a solid jam.

The beats cascading through “A Forest DA Jungz” have far too much energy for a dream – so it must be a hallucination – and “Tasty Nightmare” brings it all together in a lush amalgamation of shuffle, static, and stretched-out synths.

Playfully pushing boundaries and inspired by the fresh edge of sound, Gypsy Mamba’s unique style combines beats from a brand new perspective.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Intergalactits
  2. 2. Herro
  3. 3. Deathly Swallow
  4. 4. Jurneez
  5. 5. Btc
  6. 6. Sugar Candida
  7. 7. Slim Pics
  8. 8. A Forest da Jungz
  9. 9. Tasty Nightmare

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