Crucify / Sanctify


Release date: Dec 1, 2017

Deftly manipulated vocals and bold sonic experiments blur the boundaries between man and machine in "Crucify / Sanctify.” Krovi’s two new singles showcase the artist’s exceptional singing abilities, honest poetry, and sleek production skills. Each track soars upward from a bulbous base of R&B, drenched in a lush, androgynous elegance. "Crucify / Sanctify” is the fourth twin-set release on Machinedrum’s label IAMSIAM.

Krovi (aka James Farmer) has developed his sound’s unique black-and-white aesthetic during a slew of releases, including a co-production with Jamie Lidell (“We Need This”). The artist’s relationship with Machinedrum began years ago when he was driven to the producer’s house by a mutual friend: “I was literally put into a room in front of Machinedrum and ordered to sing! So I did. We kept in touch for years exchanging ideas. When we finally got together, the chemistry was fluid and without thought. Always a great sign. Everything Machinedrum and I have done has been that way. No teeth pulling, just pushing the ideas further.” Machinedrum equally shares a mutual sense of respect and admiration with their work together, adding: “James is such an inspiring and fascinating artist to me. His ability to bring you into his world so effortlessly is astounding. It's clear when I hear his music or am in his presence that I am dealing with a future legend. I've wanted to put these tracks out for a while now and am honored to finally have the chance to do so.”

“Crucify” is a soulful sacrifice that grinds between dark and dreamy. Delicate yet powerful vocals lead through an artfully sculpted soundscape of exquisite agony. “It’s simply a song about the difficulty of letting go. There is always this false sense of martyrdom [when] I’m walking away.” Krovi adds. “It was recorded at my studio using lots of vintage gear and mixed/pushed further sonically with Machinedrum. I recall a very late night session where we completed it with the input of the great Jamie Lidell to round off editing – Jamie is a great friend and a perfectionist.” Lighter but no less potent, “Sanctify” is a slow burner that steams with turmoil and desire. Intricately designed, it was originally composed in a parking garage with an acoustic guitar and cassette tape. “Made the lyrics up on the spot. Re-recorded on a grand piano to an 808, and used multiple “real” rim shots at my studio. I played all of the instruments on this for the most part. It’s about the push and pull in the relationship I was formerly in.”