Natasha Kmeto


(Dropping Gems)

Release date: Jun 18, 2013

On Crisis, the new LP from Natasha Kmeto, this siren of soulful bass charts her voyage into evermore personal territory, tapping into the raw energy of life in flux. The album narrates Kmeto's experience from last year to yesterday, a time of upheaval and soul-searching. It's also a time of new relationships, of build ups and break downs, of the heat of love and the fever of love's pursuit.

In much the same way that sparks can fly at the drop of a hat in public, only to smolder privately into something deeper, so too do the roiling synths storms of Crisis slip easily into a single drum and Natasha's lone voice. The album happens at the intersection of ambition, confusion, exploration, and barely-bridled sexual energy. After the gyrating tumult of the album's body runs its course, Kmeto delivers the listener into the dreamy playfulness of the final tracks, resolving the record into a sort of calm, for the moment.

In order to capture the feeling of these chaotic moments Natasha took an intentionally disciplined musical approach, selecting just a handful of sonic materials from which to construct to the album. The combination of classic synth and drum machines sounds blend seamlessly with her own timeless voice. And while the elements become familiar over the course of the album, they never really show up in the same way twice. Like with any substantial piece of art, however, the only true way for us to describe Crisis would be for us to sit you down and listen to it.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Crisis
  2. 2. Idiot Proof
  3. 3. Brushstrokes
  4. 4. Last Time
  5. 5. Morning Sex
  6. 6. Take Out
  7. 7. Vodka Diet
  8. 8. Buried
  9. 9. Deeply
  10. 10. Prideless