Lazerus Jackson

Crime (Remaster)

(Sunset Leagues International)

Release date: Feb 15, 2002

The idea of a concept album can be a bit grueling, even at times for the listener. The whole thing is a gamble really, an artist can even lose fans over an entire "storytelling" album, and this is the risk involved without giving an explanation...such was the case in my opinion, with Lazerus Jackson's hip hopera from 2002 called Crime. While it made a huge fan out of me, and already being A Disflex6 head I was yelling "play some fucking hip hop" and it punched me in the face. Crime was an amazing album, but some heads out there just didn't get re-cap, it was like the Godfather trilogy in the form of a hip hop album. Which means, on the was interpreted as an underground emcee acting hard or "mafioso", while between the lines it remains one of the most well thought out concept albums I have ever heard. How to follow that up I wonder? Another concept album? Not worth the risk...but this isn't Laz this time...its Jack, so in a very Harvey Dent way Lazerus Jackson has found himself at a crossroads with his music and where it's headed...and in order to get it all off his chest he has to start from the beginning and tell both sides of the story, from one man's perspective, based on popular opinion. The concept: Hip Hop...think "I Used To Love H.E.R," except in the form of an entire album. Says Jackson, "Its not the be-all, end-all" hip hop allegories of our time "but it's a slice of the brain." It's semi-autobiographical, it's semi-about you, its about your favorite emcee, your favorite songs, your favorite album and the reason you listen to hip hop. We are a generation that was raised on hip hop, no longer can we say it's where we were from or where we're at, because hip hop is comes in all forms, all shapes and sizes, and to this day there's nothing clean about it...and Jack wants to tell us what he sees, and that our ideas and feelings about the culture are based on individual perspectives.

Track Listing

  1. 1. All Points Bulletin
  2. 2. Physiques
  3. 3. Paint the Town
  4. 4. Trouble.Is (Cheating Game)
  5. 5. Gentleman's Agreement
  6. 6. Carry the One (The Funeral Song)
  7. 7. House of Cards
  8. 8. Hip Hop Police
  9. 9. Time Done
  10. 10. Liquid Smiles
  11. 11. All Most
  12. 12. Stole Fire (Synchronized Minds)
  13. 13. Interrogation
  14. 14. Years
  15. 15. Clockwork

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