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Release date: Jul 2, 2012

African producer H-SIK delivers a refreshing take on footwork with his debut EP Cocody. Growing up in the Ivory Coast, with time spent in Southern France and the Netherlands, Herve Sika combines influences from West African folklore, French rap, and Amsterdam's multi-ethnic approach to electronic music.

H-SIK entangles nervous percussion with lush pads and carefully worn-out textures borrowing from both dub and ambient music. Synth twitter reminiscent of Kraftwerk makes up for a decent boogie vibe, and jungle breaks fade in the reverb like Squarepusher never happened. The production on Cocody stirs an impression of space while H-SIKs' polyrhythmic beats are always painfully close and immediately physical. The EP is complete with a sick remix of "Co-Energy" by fellow producer Moresounds (SHTRAK, Cosmic Bridge).

Track Listing

  1. 1. Cocody Niama
  2. 2. Gallerry
  3. 3. oOo rD Eye
  4. 4. You Don't Need a Pair of Shoes
  5. 5. Shortcut 2 SHTRAK
  6. 6. Co-Energy
  7. 7. Obsolete Mind
  8. 8. Co-Energy (Moresounds Shtraked)