Self Provoked

Church Music

(The Order Label)

Release date: Mar 1, 2016

Self-starter. Self-made. Self-motivated. Any of these would easily describe 23-year-old rapper Self Provoked, who, believe it or not, is already an OG on the Los Angeles hip hop scene he helped build. The word "scene" even feels like an understatement when trying to measure the waves of impact inflicted by Self and his comrades, which are now reaching an international scale. 

  Self Provoked was born to Peruvian and Argentine parents in Sun Valley, a part of Los Angeles mostly known to outsiders for their dump yards and landfills. An older brother's influence fueled his interest in hip hop - Twista and Bone Thugs were staples - and even at an incredibly young age, they'd walk their family dog together, reciting rap lyrics. In middle school, Self not only found a home in the skateboarding and tagging community, he quickly emerged as a leader, starting his own tagging crew. Freestyle rapping is a skill most seasoned rappers struggle with, but a young Self picked it up as a hobby, and in 2008 - the height of the MySpace era - he began recording songs with a friend's karaoke microphone and uploading them to his page. The songs quickly gained traction as his MySpace following grew, and a collaboration with the now-defunct rap crew Lost Angels opened up Self to a new platform - YouTube, with their 2010 video for "Scars N' Wounds."

  Self's rise to amassing a huge, organic following in a very diverse LA rap landscape was helped largely by his success in utilizing YouTube very early on his career. While big name rap artists continued to spend big budgets on big videos, Self started small, finding unknown talented videographers who wanted to collaborate with him. "Silly Rabbit," his most popular YouTube hit with 1.5 million views to date, helped to kickstart the career of JDS Films, who has gone on to start the highly-praised Cypher Effect video series. Others on the scene who have seen similar success - even major label success - have collaborated with Self early on in their careers.

This innate marketing sensibility - along with his natural leadership tendencies and an ear and eye for talent - helped Self to found his own rap collective, On A High Note, which has seven members. He's taken a two-year hiatus from recording to focus on building On A High Note into a brand and full-fledged movement, as only he could do. Now, with 15 million hits on YouTube and two European tours under his belt, he's released his fifth mixtape, Church Music. Lyrically, he's stronger and more commanding than ever - his stream-of-consciousness flow is backed with hard-hitting, top-notch production from DJ Hoppa, Louden, and Esume. The project feels current, while somehow remaining decidedly true to Self, as he always is. 

  Waves come and go, but Self Provoked is focusing on building a platform to amplify the voice of his generation.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Midnight Mass
  2. 2. Bank of O'merica
  3. 3. Turned Tables
  4. 4. Since '06
  5. 5. Grapevine
  6. 6. Reflected
  7. 7. Baraka
  8. 8. L.A.D.F.
  9. 9. Righteous Minds
  10. 10. Outkasted
  11. 11. Stupid
  12. 12. God's Farm

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