Julien Mier

Changing Currents

(Perfect Touch)

Release date: Sep 18, 2015

Living in the Dutch countryside, Julien Mier spent the last several years crafting heavily melodic and carefully textured pieces that engage the listener both cognitively and emotionally. His newest EP, Changing Currents, is a culmination of his exploration of natural sounds, and ultimately serves as a final farewell to the cabin he was living in directly up to the point of this works’ completion. 

Each piece on the release serves the whole, with opening track “It’s Slightly Open” providing the introductory sounds and pacing before moving to the melodic second track “Yesterday’s Downpour.” Meditative guitar piece “Caught in the Chest” is the anchor holding everything together thematically. Slow, brooding and beautiful, the piece finds its success in its minimalistic, stripped-down approach. 

In the increasingly maximalist world of electronic music, Changing Currents confidently espouses the value of minimalism, reducing each instrument to its most rewarding timbres, and comfortably discarding the expected tropes of the genre. Every melody hints at a range of emotions all the while avoiding the awkwardness of the melodramatic.

It’s a testament to Mier’s refinement and poise as an electronic musician. He is using the medium for something very personal, both in the places he explores and the musical techniques he uses to explore them. 

Track Listing

  1. 1. It's Slightly Open
  2. 2. Yesterday's Downpour
  3. 3. I Refuse to Remain Silent
  4. 4. Caught in the Chest
  5. 5. Burnt Up
  6. 6. Burnt Up
  7. 7. Caught in the Chest