Fat Jack

Cater To The DJ

(Fat Jack Recordings)

Release date: Aug 24, 1999

Cater To The DJ is an amazing collection of the very best that the L.A. underground has to offer. A whopping 39 tracks featuring songs from the A-Team, Rifleman, Bus Driver, P.E.A.C.E., Volume 10, Otherwize, AWOL One, Jizzm, OMD, Medusa, Phoenix Orion, Ganjah K, Puzoozoo Watt, DK Toon, J-Smoov and many other Project Blowed and Goodlife emcees!

Nothing was left out with this here. Fat Jack put together a nice balance of production sound, MC skills, and subject matter. You get sprinkled with some Blunt smoking, Black on Black crime story, male machismo, "conscious thought", and there is even a small attempt of car jacking by a brotha set trippin'. Shit, you even get the sometimes-funny sampled child on the mic. Cater to the DJ is waiting to be certified classic, monumental even. Fat Jack has established a whole new set of criteria for accomplishments.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Cater to the DJ
  2. 2. Gimme Five Feet
  3. 3. It's a Packed House
  4. 4. For Me
  5. 5. The Love of Hip-Hop
  6. 6. We Like Breakbeats
  7. 7. Hooray
  8. 8. I'm Khule
  9. 9. Daddy the Elephant
  10. 10. Scud Missile
  11. 11. I Don't Gang Bang
  12. 12. Rudeboy Represents
  13. 13. Drive Safe
  14. 14. Flow from the Git Go
  15. 15. Ooh Sha Sha
  16. 16. Counter Cloudwise

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