Jason The Argonaut

Casting Couch

(Sunset Leagues International)

Release date: Feb 10, 2009

As one half of Northern California duo Disflex6 and co-founder of their label and collective Sunset Leagues International, Jason The Argonaut has been a mainstay in the under-underground for quite some time. Since his last solo album Keyboard to Life, the producer/mc has managed to drop (alongside cohorts Elon.is and Lazerus Jackson) two Disflex albums and a series of mixtapes like The Big Larapski, Seeds 1-4 and Sound It Out, as well as a limited double seven inch break record. The gap in-between was definitely productive, but as an individual leading a dual lifestyle, it's his daytime job that brought him to LA for a brief re-location, where he went from well known in the Bay to relatively unknown in the ever-bustling city of angels. The land of "fake tits" and "overpriced cocktails" or "bad traffic" and "porn stars" as he puts it, and as most people become consumed by the city and see their dreams shattered, Jason transformed it into his next project, an observation of the over saturated scene in LA of aspiring rappers, DJ's and producer's, all trying to get their foot in the door with industry insiders in the business.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Make Them Wrong
  2. 2. I Know
  3. 3. Love Me Naut
  4. 4. Living for Me
  5. 5. Going Back to Cali (Interlude)
  6. 6. Smokey Road
  7. 7. Night Crew
  8. 8. Cali Carb
  9. 9. Sexy Time (Interlude)
  10. 10. Come Here
  11. 11. Day 2 Day
  12. 12. Brazil
  13. 13. Chain' Jason
  14. 14. Beatro
  15. 15. Off the Wagon