KenLo Craqnuques

Cailloux Germes

(Error Broadcast)

Release date: Apr 23, 2010

We are delighted to welcome KenLo Craqnuques in the bosom of the Error Broadcast family. This Africa-born, Montreal-based beat conductor blessed the scene with five beat tapes and just recently debuted under his all-digital moniker Qwerty Musique. He has two tapes with fellow producer Vlooper and kicks a rhyme every once a while. Cailloux Germ's is the first official KenLo Craqnuques release. Stand out amongst the flood of new producers, KenLo Craqnuques manages to inject a huge amount of classic Soul and Boom Bap Rap into his hypermodern beats. His songs breathe the history of Black Music without looking back. What has been true ever since Noir is eventually obvious on Cailloux Germ's: the Craqnuques music pushes the borders of 21. Century beat music. Real big.

Track Listing

  1. 1. L'Automne En Amour
  2. 2. L'Hiver En Amour
  3. 3. Queques Picots Pour le Trajet
  4. 4. Tidal Herbs
  5. 5. Le Hochelag Swag
  6. 6. 361 Degres (ft. DJPhak)
  7. 7. Stmlignemauve