Bushcrack Hills – EP


Release date: Feb 7, 2013

Headshotboyz duo strikes a new EP on Fuselab. Six tracks of heart-baked squeezed beats, cosmic mixtures and a plenty of high-contrast details. Headshotboyz' productions could be referenced to Dimlite, fLako or Illum Sphere things but definitely keep a peculiar touch. Similar to their recent drops on Project Mooncircle, King Deluxe and Origami Sound Bushcrack Hills - EP shows a more darker and complex side of what we call glitch or future beats/bass music. Some could shout that this era is almost over but the scene wouldn't agree as it keeps rotating the twist all over. And if it comes to just "good" electronic music - it's timeless and that's what it is. Cover by Igor Fedoseev aka Yayati.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Arfike
  2. 2. Humpback Pappal
  3. 3. Grief
  4. 4. Inner Lube
  5. 5. Y U No Gang
  6. 6. Ender Pearl