Body Varial – EP

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Release date: Oct 7, 2012

For his new 12" EP, Moscow’s very own OL embraces footwork tempo, the production aesthetics of trap, and the fathomless echo chambers of dub. Body Varial is as dark and dangerously brilliant as black snakeskin. Its glossy textures flow elegantly though OL messes with pitch and complex percussion quite a bit. The warmth of former production has been replaced by cross-synced synth patches and adventurous harmonic compositions. Body Varial combines sex with musical sophistication, offers common ground for bass nerds and dance folk. An immense record.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Let It
  2. 2. Combination
  3. 3. Keep Calm
  4. 4. Yes Lie
  5. 5. Highest Jump
  6. 6. Makemefeel

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