Blue Blanc

(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Sep 16, 2014

Merging the energy of funk and the innovation of jazz into a lush and heady brew, Elusive presents his new album: Blue Blanc. A colorful fusion of simple chaos and loopy hooks, Blue Blanc ignites the brain with a stimulating dose of classic beat music. Elusive mixes several decades of samples with finesse, from warm, soulful vocals to icy 8-bits. Loose clicks and hesitant crashes gather together with flinty slivers of beats. Off-kilter cadences gel with rich synthetics dipped in sonic honey, creating an abundant audio landscape with a distinct Los Angeles personality. "Fly Me to the Moon" launches the album with a funky, shuffled spacewalk surrounded by starburst synths. Loose and electric, lead single "Forbidden Fruit" relaxes on an uneven ballast with vintage snaps and science fiction sounds. "The Only" lurches its way through a dungeon, dragging its knuckles into a dark illusion of chattering teeth - then "Serene" delivers a lullaby of collapsing beats to close the album with heartfelt steps and hushing samples. Potent and pure, Blue Blanc is unbalanced art for an unhinged existence: beat music at its most beautiful.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Fly Me to the Moon
  2. 2. Too Far Gone
  3. 3. Forbidden Fruit
  4. 4. Free Luv
  5. 5. Chameleon
  6. 6. Lovin' U Again
  7. 7. In Vein
  8. 8. Together
  9. 9. No Pity
  10. 10. Cinnamon Buns
  11. 11. Hot and Sour
  12. 12. The Only
  13. 13. Leave Me
  14. 14. Sleepless Nyte
  15. 15. Serene