Blot Method – EP

(G5 Music)

Release date: Jun 27, 2011

G5 Music invites you once again to an unforgettable musical trip under the lead of Albert Khasanov also known as Damscray. This young descendant of the proud Tatars lives in Orenburg on the tormented shore of the Ural river, known for its particular meandering and turbulence. Both characteristics can be found in his production as he's been developing his very own style since the age twelve through hazy downtempo, IDM, bass music (in his Demokracy side project) and even juke stuff.

Damscray's new EP, entitled Blot Method due to the stain each track leaves lingering in the listener's mind, is a conundrum made of controversies. It certainly has a minimalist sound ('Sandworm') but it also grows louder and heavier so that your head starts nodding nervously ('One Finger Punch'). As introduced, Albert's release is a riddle that makes the Da Vinci Code looks like a mere find-the-seven-differences game. It's loaded with hidden details, secret sounds heard only in intimacy, when one's abandon himself to the music. Reaffirming his Tatar origin, there's an obvious ethnic vibe surrounding the whole EP, but Damscray melts it with visions from the future, mixing both oriental melodies and mad drums ('Bug Detector'). Definitely somewhere between a dark slower drum-n-bass and a light-weighted intellectual IDM, this EP takes you on a mystical journey, from meditative dances ('Headplate') to belly-dancing euphoria ('The Rhythm Room').

Track Listing

  1. 1. Sandworm
  2. 2. Blot Method
  3. 3. Headplate
  4. 4. Bug Detector
  5. 5. One Finger Punch
  6. 6. The Rhythm Room