Blacklight Sessions


Release date: Jul 1, 2003

"Without food for thought, I'm just Malnourished."

Representative of Deeskee's versatility of flow,the pace of each song in Blacklight Sessions is varied and engaging. The album is a definite pursuit of a more traditional rap style in which most tracks provide thought-provoking lines that spill smoothly over a mellow beat characteristic of the oughts of this century. Though not the most experimental of Deeskee's albums, Blacklight Sessions displays Deeskee's talents as both a producer and a rapper simultaneously and is one to add to your collection.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Live In Moss Beach
  2. 2. Paper Mic and Ink
  3. 3. The Dream
  4. 4. Deanna
  5. 5. Run Into the Sun
  6. 6. Suicide Bombers
  7. 7. Electric City
  8. 8. Borrowed Material
  9. 9. Eyeball Kid
  10. 10. Horror Movie

Produced by Deeskee