Black Ecstasy

(Error Broadcast)

Release date: Dec 2, 2013

C L N K is the latest musical incarnation of Silviu Badea a.k.a. Montgomery Clunk. Error Broadcast published two EPs with the enigmatic Romanian producer but following the release of 'Mondegreen' early in 2012 Badea went through a series of changes. We lost touch for a bit. Then, late in 2012, he re-appeared and out of the vacuum of his temporary exile Badea presented the full-length album you are about to witness as 'Black Ecstasy'.

C L N K, now, is different to what you might have heard from Montgomery Clunk. On 'Black Ecstasy' Badea explores the bat caves of techno. Primordial music for the jilted generation, 'Black Ecstasy' leans towards a variation of techno that stems from post punk and its electronic successors, that is, West Berlin rather than Detroit. After-hour cave man music that reeks of unwashed skin and dirty fingernails. However C L N K must not be limited to 80's nostalgia. Badea spices his productions with shivers of acid house, rich ambient textures, and fathomless dub, making 'Black Ecstasy' a quintessential 2013 thing.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Shave and Haircut
  2. 2. Dristor
  3. 3. Tears for Fears
  4. 4. Sceptic
  5. 5. Home
  6. 6. July Tense
  7. 7. Black Ecstasy
  8. 8. Webd
  9. 9. CPR

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