Beneath The Surface

(Beneath The Surface Music)

Release date: May 12, 1998

A seminal release in L.A. underground hip-hop, Omid's Beneath The Surface was the first compilation post-Project Blowed that focused on the insular South Central scene. It was also the first widely distributed producer compilation that focused on underground rap.

"Farmer's Market of the Beast" was the first song recorded for the album, and perhaps is it's best overall representative. Oddly conceptual rap music way ahead of it's time. Other essential songs include "When The Sun Took A Day Off" and "Subterranean Service."

Track Listing

  1. 1. Beneath the Surface
  2. 2. When the Sun Took a Day Off
  3. 3. Who's Keeping Time
  4. 4. Hazardous Curves
  5. 5. Night and Day
  6. 6. Sunny Side Up
  7. 7. Line Posting in 'Pedro
  8. 8. Farmers Market of The Beast
  9. 9. BustMustJustUs
  10. 10. Subterranean Service
  11. 11. For Her Souly, Slowly, Solely
  12. 12. Surveillance
  13. 13. You Are In My Clutches
  14. 14. Little Piece of Heaven
  15. 15. What Up

Produced by Omid