Joey Casio

Attack Decay

(Crunks Not Dead )

Release date: Oct 9, 2006

"There is no better world," Joey bravely declares in the opening track 'Now,' "we choose to love and live in this one." What follows is an all-too-short set of shrieky synth tunes which feature Joey's energetic, panicked voice over lashing drumbeats and bloopy sound effects. He's pretty shameless throughout. If you like your songs regimented, you will find Joey's sonic missives to be like a seat on an out-of-control teacup ride. He takes a lyrical parade through science-fiction nightmares and cartoons alike. If you can put your seriousness on a shelf, Joey's music is syrupy, angular and very, very bonkers. "Our saga is just beginning," he announces: I hope he means it.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Now
  2. 2. Re: Television
  3. 3. Mischief
  4. 4. Newer Manifesto
  5. 5. Semiotix Etc.
  6. 6. Alphaville
  7. 7. Velvet Glove
  8. 8. Features and Benefits
  9. 9. The Memetic Organism