(Non Projects)

Release date: Jan 19, 2010

Asura is an experiment that seeks to translate emotion into music, released on new vinyl/digital only Alpha Pup Records imprint Non Projects. Asura, otherwise known as UCLA graduate Ryan York, draws the emotional inspiration for this project from Japanese poet Kenji Miyazawa, who wrote about the detachment of self and environment.
To render these emotions onto a musical canvas York utilized his classical, jazz, and electronic influences, not to mention his ability to play the bass, cello, guitar and trumpet. The result is a quilt of lush ambiance and electric textures. Through 13 tracks Asura looks to add his varied background to the growing Los Angeles beat scene.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Asura I
  2. 2. Peptine
  3. 3. I Saw You in Vice
  4. 4. Orrorin
  5. 5. Asura II
  6. 6. From the Beach
  7. 7. Manzanita
  8. 8. Voxels
  9. 9. Asura III
  10. 10. Her Tearing
  11. 11. Timber
  12. 12. The Eleventh
  13. 13. Feathers