Gene The Southern Child & Parallel Thought

Artillery Splurgin

(Parallel Thought LTD. )

Release date: May 7, 2013

Following the release of their 2012 collaboration A Ride With the Southern Child, Gene the Southern Child and Parallel Thought have teamed up once again for Artillery Splurgin. Alabama-native Gene returns with his signature smooth elocution; his lyrics, which are laden with self-reflection and thoughtful insights into both personal and social circumstances, ultimately depict a cold American landscape, both poignant and controversial.

With last year's Attractive Sin, Parallel Thought showcased their unique ability to seamlessly blend their own East Coast sound with Del The Funky Homosapien's hallmark West Coast articulation. On Artillery Splurgin, Parallel Thought does it again. Only this time, they return fully reloaded with a classic southern sound that pays homage to vintage 80s and 90s gangster rap. The first single, "Gangsta Shit," features Flo-Town's Bentley, and all other guests on the album are exclusive to Alabama hometown heavyweights.

The chemistry between Gene's eloquent storytelling and Parallel Thought's soulful production is immediate, compelling, and satisfying. Artillery Splurgin aims for Hip-Hop to take its place amidst the rich musical history of Gene's hometown, an area known for giving birth to W.C. Handy, the Father of Blues, creating the "Muscle Shoals Sound", and housing FAME Recording Studios, graced by legends like Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Wanna War
  2. 2. Homicide Victim
  3. 3. Never Been
  4. 4. Gangsta Shit
  5. 5. Artillery Splurgin
  6. 6. Collecting 100s
  7. 7. Trippin
  8. 8. Roll
  9. 9. Just Like a Girl
  10. 10. Still iLL
  11. 11. Drive Wisely
  12. 12. I'm from Bama
  13. 13. Four Rounds