Jneiro Jarel

Android Love Mayhem – EP

(Label Who)

Release date: Apr 13, 2010

Jneiro Jarel presents the genre re-defining Android Love Mayhem from his newly-launched Label Who imprint, distributed by Alpha Pup. With more monikers than Kool Keith, his collaborations and producer credits are almost too many to mention. Highlights include works with Khujo Goodie (as Willie Isz), DOOM, TV on the Radio, and many more. Often being described as "experimental" and "psychedelic," Jarel simply calls his ever-changing, abstract approach "the viberian experience," where various musical styles and influences have beautifully coalesced to become something all it's own.

Picking up where his 2009 release Beyond Tomorrow left off, Android Love Mayhem continues the journey, taking listeners through a series of soundscapes, brilliantly and effortlessly weaving one genre in to another. Within the first few minutes of listening to this EP it's evident that Jneiro Jarel is not bound by any one musical style or structure. He is able to push the status quo, while still maintaining continuity and fluidity from one track to the next. "Android Romance 1 & 2" keeps the mood melodious and sexy with it's downtempo feel and extremely catchy vocal contributions, while "Black Blocks" -- which feels like it should be the "hype" anthem of the millennium -- makes it nearly impossible to keep still. Then there's the truly, wonderfully unique "Going Home"; the only collaborative effort on the EP, featuring singer Micah Gaugh from the shoegaze/rock band Apollo Heights. Over all, what you are left with in the end is an extremely original and solid album, that leaves you wishing it could have lasted longer and anxious to see what Jneiro Jarel has in store next.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Black Hole
  2. 2. Swift Hovercrafts
  3. 3. Lurk (Part 2)
  4. 4. Android Romance 1 & 2
  5. 5. Going Home
  6. 6. Gosohaurd
  7. 7. Black Blocks (ElectroSonicFreeRoboticS)
  8. 8. Shadoze

Produced by Jneiro Jarel

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