And Everything Else…

(Nobody's Home Productions)

Release date: May 17, 2005

And Everything Else... is best experienced with the sun beating down, the taught 12 tracks mark the producer's most diverse and song-based work yet. The trippy, shimmering tone is established by opener "The Coast Is Clear (For Fireworks)", which rides a smooth-knocking shuffle along the California shoreline as wafts of blurry, delayed guitars, cheery keys and charming firework noises pop and burst in the distance. A tame, organ-heavy cover of the Flaming Lips' The Soft Bulletin ballad "What Is the Light?" featuring members of Beachwood Sparks on vocals follows, but its lethargic pace and surprising lack of experimentation render it a boring and predictable lowlight.

Most of the record's collaborations hit their mark though, like the Mia Toi Dodd assisted "You Can Know Her", a sparkling lullaby that uses the singer's lofty, sea-nymph delivery to stunning effect. "Tori Oshi" is the second collaboration between Estela and Scott Heren under their La Correccion banner and it's a nimble, finger-picking electro-folk jaunt; it serves as a welcome contrast to the plodding "La Correccion Exchange" featured on Prefuse's Surrounded by Silence.

Even on the record's more hopped-up songs like the wind-up toy bumping "Wake Up and Smell the Millennium", Estela is still playing the effortless host to his own infinite California-daze slumber party. Nobody offers grooves that won't interfere with your daily routine as much as enhance it from the outside in, sneakily setting a distinct mood without really trying. Then, before you can even ask him to sign your yearbook, he's disappeared into the hot-pavement fog.

Track Listing

  1. 1. The Coast is Clear (For Fireworks)
  2. 2. What Is The Light?
  3. 3. Spin the Bright Sun Rose
  4. 4. Go Go Interlude Go
  5. 5. Poor Angular Fellow
  6. 6. You Can Know Her
  7. 7. Jose De La Rues!!!
  8. 8. Con un Relampago
  9. 9. Wake Up and Smell the Millennium
  10. 10. Tori Oshi
  11. 11. Siesta con Susana
  12. 12. Con un Relampago
  13. 13. The All Golden Fronts