(Gold Standard Labs)

Release date: Jul 25, 2006

In the beginning there was...the freezing cold. The harsh winters of Ketchikan, AK kept the three future members of Anavan indoors, staying warm by playing along to their favorite records. Seeking mental escape from Alaska's Inside Passage, the three bonded while all working in a local pawn shop, where, on the side, fisherman would trade them neglected musical instruments for booze money. The trio soon collected enough ancient squeezeboxes and banjos to sell on eBay, and secured enough coin to buy a rusty blue Dodge Family Wagon. They jumped into the wagon, christened themselves Anavan, and burrowed their way into the L.A. scene. A SXSW showcase appearance followed, and Anavan have now found themselves a cozy new home at GSL.

Track Listing

  1. 1. You're Taking Me Out
  2. 2. Notoriety
  3. 3. Waiting List
  4. 4. Mingle
  5. 5. Eel Air Camera
  6. 6. The Factory
  7. 7. Freeidea
  8. 8. This Policy Is a White Out
  9. 9. S.B.M.T.