All Over

(Simple Man Music)

Release date: Nov 16, 2004

When the Living Legends crew got rolling on all cylinders, they were churning out album after album, not to mention handling other solo and small-group efforts. The CMA is a project that was unluckily put in the backburner due to the face that their first release, Overall, was insanely slept on. In fact, the duo highlights this point on the second track, aptly titled CMA2. The Grouch states, "What you're checkin' out is long overdue./Overall was overlooked. This is CMA crew./Time to renew, adjust the view./It's better than the best from a new pair of shoes." All Over truly does represent an evolution in music. The beats "sound" more expensive and polished. The rhymes are as Legendary as ever. And the guest verses read like a Redeem Team, with Brother Ali, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Slug and MURS leading with way. With a solid fan base to back them up, The Grouch and PSC come with more heat, more intensity, and more swagger than ever before.

One of the highlight songs of the album would have to be their collaboration with MURS, The Good Side. The Grouch brings the funk on this track, letting funky guitar riffs take over and levitate on top of a boom-bappin drum line. On the other hand, PSC & The Grouch tear the instrumental up, spreading praises towards a good man's way. PSC starts out his verse by saying, "You have a heart of gold./You love your family and it shows./I suppose it comes off through your flows,/Treating your fans like friends at the shows." With great flows like this, The CMA are out to prove that good can always win versus evil.

For some, a decade-long break would seem to be too long of a break. But The Grouch and PSC had constantly been perfecting their craft and taking their skills to greater heights. Their hard work has brought them to encountering other continents and other cultures. Now retooled and ready as ever, together as The CMA they deliver a five star effort.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. CMA
  3. 3. Windows
  4. 4. Raise Up the Levels
  5. 5. Tactics
  6. 6. Bad Side
  7. 7. Good Side
  8. 8. The Immigrant
  9. 9. Fuel to the Fire
  10. 10. Thas Whus Up!
  11. 11. Jane Is a Groupie
  12. 12. Are We There Yet?
  13. 13. Make It Mine
  14. 14. CanUstaycool?
  15. 15. Bye Bye

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